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Boracay Island Hopping

Boracay Island is known for its white beaches, its breathtaking sunsets, and its lively nightlife. But the beauty of the place does not stop there.  This paradise has a lot more secret beaches and islands every tourist would love to visit.

Explore the rest of Boracay and create more amazing memories through island hopping. Meet new people and discover new sites as you visit different beaches and nearby islands. To name some of famous ones are: Puka Beach, Crocodile Island, Magic Island, Crystal Cove, Laurel Island, Ilig-iligan Beach, Tambisaan Beach, Diniwid Beach, Balinghay Beach and Bulabog Beach.

Island hopping is usually done as a group. Touring with a group is more fun, not to mention cheaper as there are numerous tour packages available for that. You can book a reservation via the hotel/resort where you are checked in or you can find a tour agent pretty much anywhere around the island, or you can book a tour directly with us. If you are travelling solo, do not worry as you can still arrange a solo tour or you can ask your tour agent if there is a group tour that you can join.

Crocodile Island

Crocodile Island is a crocodile head shaped uninhabited island located at the southern tip of Boracay. It is a favorite diving spot for divers of all levels – from starters to professionals. The marine life of Crocodile Island is enormous. It boasts a rich collection of corals along with a wide variety of fish. Sea current around Crocodile Island can be strong unlike in other beaches and islands of Boracay so extra caution is necessary to explore its marine life.

Magic Island

Take a nice ride to Magic Island where you can do some cliff diving. Upon arrival, you can already hear people cheering and screaming as brave-hearted individuals jump off diving boards into the deep blue ocean below. There are at least three cliff jumping points you can choose from. There are two that are about 8 and 10 meters high and one about 2 meters high suitable for kids.

Although it may seem that the rocks at the bottom are shallow, they are not. The water is just very clear below that you see them well. There is also a lifeguard on duty to ensure the guests safety and to check and clear the cliff diving area before signaling the diver to jump.

Book now Island hopping in Boracay

  • Pick up at 9:00AM from the hotel
  • Boat leaves at 9:30AM from White beach Station 3
  • Local delicacies for Lunch
  • Free water
  • Free use of the beach toys
  • Includes entrance fee to Magic Island
  • Free use of snorkeling mask
  • Swimming and Snorkeling at Crocodile Island
  • Sight-seeing at Puka beach (weather dependent)
  • Cliff Jumping at Magic Island
  • A professional tour guide to assist you all throughout the tour

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