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Boracay White Beach

White Beach is the biggest and the most famous beach in Boracay. The main attraction here is of course its natural beauty; a long stretch of powdery sands and inviting shoreline. It is also a great place to spend your vacation as it has everything you need. Hotels, resorts, restaurants, nightlife, shops, and activities are available right at the beach front.

It is a good swimming spot as the water on these parts is usually calm. Around morning until noon, the beach is relatively quiet. But as afternoon approaches, people start to go out to the beach to walk around, to play sports (like beach volleyball, soccer and Frisbee) or to do water activities. Busiest part of the day would be during sunset as people gather around to watch the breathtaking view.

White Beach is 4 kilometers long and is divided into 3 sections: Station 1, 2 and 3. Each station has its own attractions/ features to cater guests’ personal preferences.

Station 1

Station 1, the northernmost section, is where the ultra luxurious Boracay White Beach hotels and resorts are located; the reason why it is considered to be the upscale part of Boracay. “Powder-like” is an understated description of the purest and finest sands from this side. Expect that accommodations are much pricey around these parts.

Station 2

boracay-white-beachLocated at the middle of White Beach, Station 2 is the restaurant, shopping, and entertainment heart of Boracay. At night, the beach paradise is transformed as bars set up chairs and tables on the beach area. Station 2 is also famous for being the wildest part of the island as there are many beach bars and restaurants that offer live entertainment like fire dancing and band performance every night. So be prepared for loud nights in most parts of the station.

It is also where D’Mall is situated; the mall is composed of an array of shops and restaurants, making it the busiest station of the island. Another reason for this is that most accommodations are budget to mid-range, so don’t be surprised if it is more congested than the other stations. If convenience and accessibility is your priority, this is the best station for you.

Station 3

Being the last section of the White Beach to be developed, it is much basic and relaxed. Enjoy the quiet beach and old island feel at Station 3. It is the perfect section to stay if you prefer a quieter vacation in Boracay since no big parties or events are held here. The tourist density around this area is much less compared with the other stations. More budget friendly hotels and resorts available too; the best option for backpackers and tourists who appreciate being closer to nature.


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