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Malapascua Island Blog Articles

Malapascua is for sure one of the most interesting destinations in the Philippines. This small island in the middle of the Vysayan Sea still nowadays is not a mass tourism destination, so you can quietly enjoy a natural paradise, without being disturbed by a huge crowd. Here you can find a …

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Malapascua to Kalanggaman island

If you are in Malapascua and you want to reach Kalanggaman island you can rent a private boat that will bring you to the destination for about 800-1000 Pesos, or you have to follow this route: From Malapascua take the boat that brings you to the Maya port. From Maya …

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How to get to Malapascua

Malapascua is an island in the Philippines located north of the Cebu Island. The best way to get to Malapascua is via Cebu. From Cebu take a bus or a car till the Maya port, and then a boat till Malapascua. The road has some difficult parts, but the conditions …

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Malapascua Island

Malapascua is a small island located in the middle of the Vysayan Sea. It’s an island full of charme, where is possible to have a real taste of what does Filipino life looks like. Still nowadays, even during the high season, this island is never crowded, like goes on slowly …

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