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Malapascua Island Blog Articles

Malapascua is for sure one of the most interesting destinations in the Philippines. This small island in the middle of the Vysayan Sea still nowadays is not a mass tourism destination, so you can quietly enjoy a natural paradise, without being disturbed by a huge crowd.

Here you can find a selection of Blog Articles related to the beautiful island of Malapascua:

Malapascua Island: The Ultimate Destination Guide
An interesting travel diary from the Traveling Dutchman

Malapascua Island: Backpacker Weekend
A post about a trip in Malapascua on a tight budget

Paradise found: Malapascua Island
Alex in Wonderland describes Malapascua

Malapascua Island: Why it’s not the next Boracay
Similarities and differences between the two islands

One Week in Paradise
Kirsten describes a week in Malapascua

How Malapascua island restored my faith in humanity
And this is the trip of Yara in this beautiful island

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Here you can learn how to get to Malapascua

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