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Malapascua Island

Malapascua is a small island located in the middle of the Vysayan Sea. It’s an island full of charme, where is possible to have a real taste of what does Filipino life looks like.
Still nowadays, even during the high season, this island is never crowded, like goes on slowly and you will experience a beautiful vacation.
Malapascua is know all over the world for its sea bottom, in fact it’s one of the main destination for diving.

It’s the only place in the world where you can see the thresher and it’s the best place, all over the Philippines, to meet the biggest fishes.
The island is quiet, and resorts, restaurants and diving shops are located on the main beach, along palms. There aren’t many, so you will never feel like being in a crowded place.

Malapascua is an island in development, without basic infrastructures. Many things we take as granted here are not present. That means you will have to keep an open mind while staying here, and you have to be ready to experience things that could be uncomfortable, like salty water, electric blackouts during the day, etc.

The weather in Malapascua is usually excellent. The typhoon season, in the Philippines, goes from May to December, but Malapascua is rarely affected by it.
Usually the typhoons pass northern than the island, and, without near mountains, there are no heavy showers that usually hit Leyte or Cebu. malapascua-islandCan happen, occasionally, that a typhoon hit Malapascua, but it doesn’t happen more often than twice a year.
Most of people ignore this, and they come between January and April.
If you are looking for a quieter vacation, you should come during the rainy season. It’s also the best period for diving.

Beside diving and snorkeling, there is not much more to do in the island. It’s the ideal place for relax. Among the activities you can do here, beside diving, there are:

malapascua-philippinesSnorkeling and swimming: in the island there are many ideal places for snorkeling. Bring your mask and your fins (or rent them on site) and go to any beach. Near the lighthouse there is a wreck easy to reach.
Massages: many girls, on the beach, will provide you massages for about 300 Pesos. In the resorts massages are a little bit more expensive.
Explore the island: You can walk around the island in about 2 hours, or you can rent a scooter.

Trip to the near islands: There are many organized trips ready to bring you in the near islands. Among these there is the island of Biliran, where you can see rise plantations, volcanos, hot springs and waterfalls.

Here you can find more information about how to get to Malapscua.

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