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Malapascua to Kalanggaman island

If you are in Malapascua and you want to reach Kalanggaman island you can rent a private boat that will bring you to the destination for about 800-1000 Pesos, or you have to follow this route:

From Malapascua take the boat that brings you to the Maya port.
From Maya you can take a bus, or rent a van, that will bring you to Bogo City. From the port of Bogo City (Polambato Port) there are daily boats directed to Pampolon, in the Leyte province.
Pampolon is the starting place for boats directed to Kalanggaman

Malapascua is a small island located in the middle of the Vysayan Sea and it’s one of the main destination for diving.
Here you can find more information about Malapascua Island.

malapascua-to-kalanggaman-islandKalanggaman is an uninhabited island located in the municipality of Palompon, in the province of Leyte. This beautiful island in the middle of the Visayan Sea is known for its pristine beach and its crystal blue waters. The island is 753 meters long.
There are no hotels or resorts in Kalanggaman, but the local government built some basic facilities for tourists and there are policemen stationed on the island. On the island there are no restaurants or water, so tourists must make sure they bring their own supplies.

In order to visit the island you will have to pay an entrance fee. These are the rates:

International Tourist:
Regular (Day Tour): P500.00
Overnight Rate: P750.00

Non-Palompon Tourist:
Regular (Day Tour): P150.00
Overnight Rate: P225.00

Non-Palompon College Student:
Regular (Day Tour): P40.00
Overnight Rate: P60.00

Non-Palompon High School Student:
Regular (Day Tour): P30.00
Overnight Rate: P45.00

Non-Palompon Elementary Pupil:
Regular (Day Tour): P20.00
Overnight Rate: P30.00

Non-Palompon Senior Citizen:
Regular (Day Tour): P120.00
Overnight Rate: P180.00

Private Pumpboat Fees:
15 Capacity: P3,000.00
25 Capacity: P3,500.00
30 Capacity: P4,000.00

Small: P250.00
Medium: P500.00
Large: P700.00

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