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Marinduque Tourist Spots

Marinduque is an island located between the Taybas Bay and the Sibuyan Sea. The Capital of the island is Boac, and if you decide to visit this place, you shouldn’t miss its main tourists spots.

Tres Reyes Islands

The Tres Reyes Islands is a chain of three islands located south west of the Marinduque island, near the area of Gasan.
These islands take their name from the Three Kings. The bigger one is the Gaspar Island, which is also the only one that has a beach. There is no electricity, but you can rent a cottage.
The other 2 islands, Melchor Island and Baltazar Island have steep cliffs, and Baltazar is one of the most famous dive areas in the province.
Reaching the islands takes about 30-45 minutes by boat. You can organize the trip with one of the resorts in the area, or with local fishermen.

Poctoy White Beach

marinduque-tourist-spotsThe White Beach of Poctoy is the most famous beach in Marinduque. It’s located in the municipality of Torrijos, on the east side of the island.
This beach full of white sand is surrounded by deep clean water, it’s a public beach and it’s about 1 kilometer long.
The entrance fee is P25, and you can rent a cottage for P200.
There are no restaurants in the area, but you can buy fresh-caught seafood or fish from the fishermen.

Boac Cathedral

Boac Cathedral – This church, built in the 17th century, is the oldest building in the island of Marinduque. It’s located in Boac, in the north-west part of the island.

Bathala Caves

The Bathala Caves are one of the most famous tourist spots in Marinduque. It is a cave system located in Santa Cruz, in the northern part of the island. They are on a private land, so you have to ask the permission in order to visit them.
They are eight different caves: the Church Cave, the Secret Cave, the Python Cave, the Cemetrey Cave, the Lihim Cave, the Underground Cave, the River Cave and the Kay Mendez Cave.
The Church Cave is the biggest one and lights up during the sunset, offering a beautiful view to the visitors. Another famous cave is the Python one, where you can see rock pythons living in the walls.

Red Mountain

the Red Mountain is located on the northern part of the island. It owes its name to the amount of blood poured here in the Battle of Pulang Lupa, during the Filipno-American war.
Climbing the mountain is a rewarding experience. From the top you can have a beautiful view on the surroundings, dominating the whole island.


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